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Posted on Friday May 13, 2016 at 06:47PM

Did you know?

The RCMP monument that sits on Victoria Trail in Smoky Lake County recognizes the March West, a significant event in the early history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, then known as the North West Mounted Police. In July 1874, 275 men set off from Fort Dufferin, Manitoba, en route to Fort Edmonton. The group that passed by this point in late October 1874 included Sam Steele, who is widely known as one of the first ever members of the Force. The portion along what is now known as Victoria Trail is reported to have been the most difficult leg of the trek.

The Smoky Lake RCMP wish to thank the volunteers from the Victoria Home Guard Society for their ongoing work on this monument, and their commitment to the rich history of the Force, and the part that the Smoky Lake area played in this historic event.

Author: Smoky Lake County Rural Crime Watch Association


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