August 26, 2019
Bird Hunting season opens September 1st & there are changes to the regulations - you can contact the local Fish & Wildlife Office for a regulation book & any questions you may have. Many are still traveling the trail without helmets, registration etc. The RAP Line (Report a Poacher) can be used to report wildlife problems, injured birds, poaching etc. The Smoky Lake Fish & Wildlife Office is located in the Provincial Building & you can pop in Monday to Friday 8:15am to 12Noon for assistance.

May 28, 2018
Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement 
Whether fishing for food or fun, it always pays to follow the regulations. Exceeding the catch limit can result in a mandatory court appearance and fines. It can also pay to report poachers, both in terms of conserving and protecting our fisheries, and in the form of a cash payment.

Earlier this spring, Krystian Pacyna pleaded guilty in a Fort Saskatchewan court to exceeding the possession limit of fish after fish and wildlife officers received a tip from a member of the public. Smoky Lake fish and wildlife officers responded to a complaint regarding an individual taking walleye out of the North Saskatchewan River. On this section of the North Saskatchewan River, any walleye that are caught must be released.

Officers arrived at the location while the individual was still actively fishing and located two walleye hidden in the grass. The individual was sent to court in Fort Saskatchewan, where they were sentenced to pay a fine of $2,000 dollars and received a one-year fishing licence suspension.

The helpful tips from the member of the public made them eligible for a cash reward through the Report A Poacher program. Suspicious or illegal activity can called in to 1-800-642-3800 or reported online at

In another case that concluded in Fort Saskatchewan court this spring, Bill Veltkamp from Sherwood Park, Alberta pleaded guilty to exceeding the possession limit of fish. The charges stemmed from a patrol northeast of Smoky Lake in 2017. Officers noticed an individual cleaning walleye at a cleaning station, and further investigation determined that the individual had caught three walleye and two pike from Beaver Lake.

No walleye may be taken out of Beaver Lake, and at the time, there was also a limit of one pike over 63cm. The individual was sent to court where they were sentenced to pay a fine of $3,000 dollars.

March 2015
~ Spring Snow Geese Hunt is open across Alberta

November 2014
if you see anything suspicious or have witnessed or have people poaching on your land please contact Report-A-Poacher @1-800-642-3800 or the local Fish & Wildlife Office @ 780-656-3556.

November 2013


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