Executive Officers:
President: Penny Tychkowsky
Vice President: Bernie Tchir
Secretary: Barb Charlton
Treasurer: Pauline Franchuk

Division 1 & 2 Directors:
Roy Dyck
Maryann Wispinski

Division 3 Directors:
Ken Palichuk

Division 4 Directors:
Trevor Tychkowsky
Marylou Savic
Danny Savic
Walter Ewanciw
Marlean Skoreyko

Division 5 Directors:
Ruby Gontowiuk
Metro Starchuk
John Babichuk

Town of Smoky Lake Directors:
Andy Franchuk
Patty Franchuk
Mark Watson
Gerald Babichuk
Ernie Brousseau

RCMP Liaison Officer:
Cst. Andrew Sallows

Fish & Wildlife Liaison Officer:
Erik Graf Von Platen


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