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It has been a busy summer for the Smoky Lake RCMP, with many community events happening all over the County. Police participated in the Smoky Lake parade on August 1, along with additional emergency services crews from Smoky Lake. RCMP were busy over the long weekend with a number of driving related calls, including a collision on Highway 28 near Bellis in the early morning hours of August 2nd. The lone female driver was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the collision, and the matter is still under investigation. Police also charged two other males with impaired driving offences in separate instances on August 2, as a result of a quad rollover, and another driving call from a member of the public. Police wish to thank the public for calling in suspicious and dangerous driving activity and assisting with removing impaired drivers from the area roadways.

In the early morning hours of August 7, Police, Fire Department, and EMS along with Town of Smoky Lake Public Works, were dispatched to a collision behind IDA Drugs on Wheatland Avenue in Smoky Lake. The driver had struck a gas meter on the building, causing a considerable amount of damage. Both the driver and passenger fled the scene, but were located by police. Smoky Lake RCMP continue to investigate this matter.

Smoky Lake RCMP and Redwater Integrated Traffic Unit continue to enforce traffic infractions in and around Smoky Lake County. RCMP report that numerous drivers have been charged recently for excessive high speeds, including a driver on Highway 28 near Waskatenau, charged for travelling 170 km an hour in a 100 km an hour zone. RCMP remind all citizens to exercise caution when on the roadways during the summer, and allow extra time to reach your destination, in case of heavy traffic.

Smoky Lake RCMP have been receiving a number of calls over the summer regarding off road vehicle usage within the Town limits. Be advised that within the County of Smoky Lake usage of off highway vehicles is restricted to trails and other approved areas, and these vehicles are not to be used on any road or highway, especially within Town limits. Fines for unauthorized travel (not including travel to the trail) begin at $310. RCMP also remind all drivers, that regardless of your destination, all off highway vehicles must have valid proof of insurance and registration.

If you encounter a possible impaired or dangerous driver, or any other crime, please contact the Smoky Lake RCMP at (780) 656-3550, or dial 911 in an emergency.

Smoky Lake RCMP wish everybody a great and safe summer!

Smoky Lake RCMP

Crime Prevention Tips From Boyle Rural Crime Watch:

As a result of the public presentation done by the Boyle RCMP on Monday June 8, 2015 we received requests for some forms that you can use to record your property. Cst. Alex AYRES has also added some additional Crime Prevention Tips you can use to help improve your home security and decrease your chances of becoming a victim of a property related Criminal Offence.

Fan out on behalf of Boyle RCMP Detachment:
Some quick tips to protect yourself from property crime:
-Always keep your residence, outbuildings, and vehicles locked and secure at all times.
-Consider trimming shrubs and trees away from doors and windows that may obscure visibility and give criminals a place to hide and work.
-Install motion activated lights on your property or leave your porch lights on.
-Install or utilize deadbolts rather than door knob locks which are easy to open with a plastic card
-Ensure strike plates on doors are securely installed, with long screws and that the frame or door can withstand the force of a kick without breaking.
-Consider installing security window film that will make your glass significantly harder to break.
-Ensure windows are kept closed and locked, and considering purchasing locks to prevent sliding glass windows from being opened.
-Record the serial numbers of your property, this will greatly increase the likelihood that Police will be able to return your property
-Consider engraving your property with your driver's licence #, this number is unique to you and will assist Police in identifying stolen property

Attached is the same document in two different formats to assist you in recording your serial numbers. Ensure the document is stored in multiple places in case it is destroyed or stolen from one (could be given to a neighbour, family, or uploaded to a cloud based storage).

In the near future Boyle RCMP will make their engraver available to the public to sign out. A notification will be sent when the tool is available.

Cst./Gend. Alex J. AYRES
Boyle RCMP Detachment
Boyle GRC Détachement
Box 58, 4901 Taylor Road
Boyle, AB T0A 0M0
(780) 689-4081

Terry Jordan
Boyle & Districts Crime Watch Association

2015 Community Justice Awards

Fraud Alert
The RCMP is warning the public to be wary of telephone calls where the caller identifies himself as a serving member of the RCMP, calling to collect unpaid taxes or fines.

The scammers threaten jail time, legal action and use coercive language to scare potential victims into sending money. The RCMP does not contact individuals for the purpose of collecting fines or taxes and NEVER asks the public to make a payment over the telephone.

During one recent call to an Edmonton man, the caller stated he was an RCMP Officer from Manitoba. The caller provided a badge number, phone number, and demanded money for unpaid taxes.

The RCMP recommends the following preventive measures:

• Never divulge personal/financial information to unknown callers
• If you are not convinced a caller is a police officer, please call your local police service or detachment to confirm their identity
• Consider a google search for any names/phone numbers provided. They may be associated with known telephone scams previously reported online.

Anyone who receives a call from someone alleging to be a police officer collecting fines or taxes should hang up immediately, record the callers number and contact their local police, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or http://www.antifraudcentre.ca.

Copyright Strathcona County Crime Watch
In Association with Sherwood Park RCMP


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